Bamby Cars was founded in the early 1980s by Alan Evans, who after building a replica PEEL P50 felt inspired to build a modern equivalent.

He set about designing and building the first Bamby. A single seat,3 wheeled vehicle with a 50cc moped engine and single gullwing door.

The new Bamby created quite a stir in the press and so it was put into production,in a small unit in Hull, England. Around 50 cars were produced before the company was sold, and subsequently dissolved. The remaining cars are now quite rare and sought after in the microcar world.

New Beginnings

In 2011 ,Alan and daughter, Emma, re-established the company with a new ethos. We now build a range of replica classic microcars which have been re-engineered using up to date mechanical components, essentially producing iconic microcars from the 50s and 60s, that are totally reliable,extremely driveable,a whole lot of fun, and affordable.

Please feel free to browse this site to see our latest offerings.

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